The Glazov Gang Exposes the Left-Islam Alliance

Islamo-Leftist Alliance

Islamo-Leftism (French: islamo-gauchisme), (Islamo-Leftists) is a neologism defined by French philosopher Pascal Bruckner as, "the fusion between the atheist Far Left and religious radicalism."

According to Bruckner, Islamo-Leftism was "chiefly" conceived by British Trotskyites of the Socialist Workers Party. Because these dedicated Leftists perceive Islam's potential for fomenting societal unrest, they promote tactical, temporary alliances with reactionary Muslim parties. According to Bruckner, Leftist adherents of Third-Worldism hope to use Islamism as a "battering-ram" to bring about the downfall of free-market capitalism, and they see the sacrifice of individual rights - in particular, of women's rights - as an acceptable trade-off in service of the greater goal of destroying capitalism. Bruckner contends that Islamists, for their part, pretend to join the left in its opposition to racism, neocolonialism, and globalization as a tactical and temporary means to achieve their true goal of imposing the "totalitarian theocracy" of Islamist government.

In his 2015 novel, Submission, Michel Houellebecq has Robert Rediger, the fictional character who is a convert to Islam and university professor turned politician, describe Islamo-leftism (unlike Brucker's translator, Houellebecq's translator does not capitalize the "l",) as, "a desperate attempt by moldering, putrefying, brain-dead Marxists to hoist themselves out of the dustbin of history by latching onto the coattails of Islam."

Political scientist Maurice Fraser regards Islamo-Leftism as part of a, "striking and recent abdication of the Enlightenment project of human rights, freedom, secularism, science and progress," on the part of the political left, particularly among the anti-globalization activists of the New Left.  Bernard-Henri Lévy describes Islamo-Leftism as a sort of "anti-American religion."


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