Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam (Wahabism) and The American Left

I never thought that this video would be considered 'Prophetic', however after seeing the Islamo-Leftist Unholy Alliance in action...I have changed my mind.  This Unholy Alliance is a danger to not just America but to humanity.  Hijabs and Niqabs are far from being symbols of Freedom and Feminism.  Anybody that tries to say that it is...is lying to you in order to conquer you in order to establish their Caliphate with Sharia Law by any means of Jihad necessary.  CAIR, MPAC, ISNA and other so called American Muslim organizations have more vested interest in the agenda's of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan Al-Muslimin) and Saudi Wahabists (Caliphatists) than they do about real Civil Rights of American Muslims.  They only are to push forward an Islamist-Lite agenda that is betraying the American people and American Nation...As a Muslim and former Executive Director of CAIR Columbus, I can tell you that I no longer support the organization and would love to see it replaced.


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