Why has The Left and Hollywood Allied with Islamists against Muslims?

After seeing the insanity before and after the Presidential Elections, we can all say that it is obvious that there is an Unholy Alliance between the Left in America and Islamists (not to mention Marxists and Globalists).

The thing that totally woke me up to this beyond the shadow of a doubt at 212 degrees boiling point was seeing the American Flag used as Hijabs and Lesbians calling out Allaho Akbar in Berlin.  These people who are wearing these Hijabs or yelling Allaho Akbar in solidarity with what they think is 'Muslims' are far from doing just that.  In reality, they are supporting Radical aka Political Islamists against Muslims and humanity.

I suggest forgetting about fake news from CNN and other organizations that have been bought off by the Saudi Wahabi establishment and focus on real news and real Muslims here who do not support this Islamist agenda of the Unholy Islamo-Leftist Alliance.


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