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VOX Needs to Stop Ignoring Islamist Terrorism

VOX needs to stop ignoring Islamist Terrorism:

Linda Sarsour: Sharia Supporter, Palestinian Shill, CAIR Golden Child Arrested (Mirror)

This is a repost of Linda Sarsour's arrest which was removed by Islamists on my previous post.

The Iranian-American Forum (IAF) vs. The National Iranian-American Council (NIAC)

Iranian-American Forum is a platform for thinkers, leading figures, social and political activists from different disciplines and all cross section of society with different backgrounds to achieve the common goal of supporting Iranian peoples’ aspirations for democratic change, human rights, freedom of expression, press, association and assembly, separation of religion and government and the right to social and economic developments.

NIAC and US Policy toward Iran

Posted by Editor

The White House is in the process of fine tuning its Iranian Policy. On the sidelines, various groups are positioning to shape the plan. Front and center is NIAC, the National Iranian American Council, an organization that presents itself as the Iranian-American voice for Iran.  On the surface, NIAC’s statements sound very noble.  However, if examined closely, NIAC is actually at odds with the majority of the Iranian-American community.

NIAC’s recently published internal documents, which it had to furnish Mr. Hassan Dai, an Iranian expat, who was sued by NIAC for his claim that it is a lobbyist for the Islamic Republic, paints a very disturbing and troublesome picture of the organization. The following information supports these extensive claims:

Representation: NIAC does not represent a large constituency of Iranian-Americans.  NIAC internal memos clearly show NIAC overstated the true number of its Iranian American members, altered in-house survey results, and mislead Congressionalmembers. With estimates of one million plus, Iranian-Americans in the U.S., NIAC’s membership, as stated at the time of the documentation, is under five hundred members, a very insignificant number.

IRI as America’s Friend: NIAC sees no fundamental clash of interests between Iran and US. According to Trita Parsi, there is no justification for US hostility toward Iran. Trita believes that the Iranian regime has always been ready to reach an agreement with the US. The main reason behind US hostilities and refusal to engage Iran, Trita Parsi says, is Israel.  The problem with Parsi’s assertion is that it contradicts the reality. For thirty years, the IRI has demonstrated a consistent characteristic, a passionate hatred of America. The most popular rallying cry of the Islamic Republic is “Death to America,” through its well financed and highly orchestrated street rallies.  America is the “Great Satan” and nurtured enemy of Islamic Republic.  It is “the kiss of death” for any Islamic Republic official to show any sign of befriending America.  Likewise, seeking mullah’s friendship by the US is naive and foolhardy and worthless.

Dialogue and Diplomacy: Despite NIAC’s assertion that dialogue and diplomacy is the best approach, thirty years of dialogue by various US administrations has shown that the regime is interested in dialogue only to buy itself enough time in order to develop its weapon’s program. IRI uses its proxies within the United States to convince various American officials that the regime is desirous of a dialogue. The radical and irrational nature of the regime, intent on its expansionist ideology, makes any honest and meaningful dialogue with the regime an utter waste of time.

Use of Sanctions: NIAC has maintained that sanctions are counterproductive and ineffective and will inflict pain and suffering on the ordinary Iranians.  Effectiveness of sanctions as a tool can be argued both ways.  To those that see Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism and an International threat to world peace, targeted sanctions are a potent tool.  On the other hand, for groups such as NIAC, sanctions are to be avoided at all cost to ensure the regime’s survival.  NIAC’s campaign against sanctions is not to protect the ordinary Iranians, as it claims, but is an orchestrated effort by Oil Corporations seeking economic ties between Iran and America. Smart sanctions will hit hardest at the regime, and affect ordinary Iranians only incidentally. Targeted sanctions will deepen the divide between the public and the military-religious dictatorship.

NIAC as IRI Lobby: There is extensive evidence that NIAC engages with Islamic Republic’s top level officials, facilitating meetings between IRI and various US politicians, despite limits imposed on it as a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization. The governmental press in Tehran has called Parsi and his organization NIAC as the “Iranian lobby in Washington“. Indictments of Bob Ney and Hassan Nemazie with close ties to NIAC clearly paint a disturbing picture of the organization.  Recently, Senator Jon Kyl requested a full investigation of NIAC’s questionable activities, which if successful it might shed more light on NIAC’s real intentions.

Islamic Republic is Rational and Pragmatic: When Ahmadinejad shoots off test missiles while engaged in uranium enrichment, or makes appalling statements about wiping Israel “off the map,” one wonders how pragmatic and rational Islamic Republic really is?

NIAC as Human Rights Advocate: Despite extreme brutality and crack down and stories of rape, torture and killing, NIAC issued a statement on June 16, 2009 asserting that United States “should not interfere” as its involvement would be counterproductive.”  Parsi also took issue with a strong statement of support for the young Iranian freedom fighters expressed by Senator JosephLieberman when he urged the Obama administration to “speak out, loudly and clearly, about what is happening in Iran and unambiguously express its solidarity with the brave Iranians.  Trita Parsi, unashamedly, has referred to Iran’s blatant human rights violation as “less than flattering human rights record,” and anticipated “a trend towards the improvement of human rights situation” in Iran.  The reality is, human rights violations have gotten progressively worse.   Iran is second to China on human rights violations and NIAC has never taken a real strong position in defense of human rights in Iran, except for occasional “feel good” and apologetic statements.

Iran has one of the youngest demographics in the world.  Over 70% of the population is under the age of 35. On June 12th, they went to the streets, chanting “Where is my vote?” Demonstrations are getting more organized and are spreading to other parts of Iran to form a truly popular movement.

Today, the protesters no longer are seeking democratic elections; they are demanding regime change.  There are cracks appearing almost daily within the regime.  About 27 Iranian diplomats have already defected.  Many ayatollahs have declared the regime neither republic, nor Islamic.   Any US policy towards Iran needs to seek input from a larger more diverse group of Iranians representing current thinking on Iran in order to develop a more robust, effective and sustainable foreign policy towards Iran.

Trita Parsi left Iran when he was four years old.  He is not even an Iranian-American which disqualifies him to speak for Iranian Americans. His experience on Iran is rather limited to personalities who are either regime supporters, seek economic ties with Iran, or are Islamic Republic high level officials.    Limiting the discussion and input only to NIAC, and monopolization of the discussion by NIAC, and its proxies will have devastating results.

Mullahs are intent on developing nuclear weapons. With a nuclear Iran as a major power in the volatile Middle East and with oil price at 70 to 80 dollars a barrel, the Islamic Republic will expand its presence around the world. In collaboration with allies such as Russia, China and Venezuela, Islamic Republic will flaunt its militarypower in the Persian Gulf to demonstrate its regional dominance and superiority in the Middle East, challenging Israel into a direct and inevitable confrontation.  If mullahs are allowed to realize their nuclear aspirations, its pernicious and disastrous impact will be felt far beyond the Middle East.

By supporting Iranian opposition groups, the world community not only can avert a regional and potentially global catastrophe, it will help establish a democratic system of government in the region. If Iranians are successful in shaking off the yoke of theocracy, their success could herald the failure of a political and militant Islam. Helping Iran become a democracy not only is a moral imperative, but should be considered an essential foreign policy priority.  On December 7, Iranians demonstrators shouted loudly “Obama are you with us or with them?”  It is time for the United States to place itself on the right side of history.  President Obama has no logical alternative but to stand with the people of Iran or shoulder the responsibility for dangerous consequences of propping up a dictatorship bent on expansion of a religious and fanatical ideology.


Dr. Arash Irandoost is an Iranian-American researcher and a political activist who believes that Islamic Republic cannot be reformed and advocates for a regime change for Iran.   He has been published in numerous magazines and blogs on hakemiat-e-mardom.

He also serves as the international spokesperson for Iranian Students Solidarity Organization.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sharia Supporter: Linda Sarsour Finally Arrested

Anti-Trump Sharia Supporting Islamist-Lite Hijabi...Linda Sarsour is finally arrested.  Am I surprised?  No...because it is no different than the other Islamists in the Middle East who get arrested on purpose for propaganda.  Similar to the Muslim Brotherhood people who force Police in Egypt to arrest them.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan-ul-Muslimin): Yes it is an Egyptian Islamist Terrorist Organization

The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic organization that was founded in Ismailia, Egypt by Hassan al-Banna in March 1928 as an Islamist religious, political, and social movement.  

This is the same organization responsible for the Assassination of Anwar Al-Sadat of Egypt.  They are a Sharia supporting Terrorist organization, which many have tried to normalize.  The reality is that they should not be treated differently because they have become more tech savvy.  They even have an official English website! 

Thier goal is to remove the secular government in Egypt and put in a Morsi type Islamist.  Unfortunately we have their agents here in the USA and they even worked for Obama's DHS and USDS!  You will notice they will support organizations like CAIR and MPAC as well.  

Let's make sure we DESIGNATE them as what they are...a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION:

Anti-American?: CAIR, MPAC, NIAC, & Other Foreign Subversives

From seeing the consistent Anti-Americanism and Anti-Trumpism coming from Leftist organizations and especially Islamist or Foreign funded organizations with Globalist, Marxist, and/or Islamist agendas, we can obviously see that CAIR only represents Fundamentalist or Foreign Muslims, not real American Muslims who may not wear Hijab, may Drink Beer, Eat Pork or go to the beach in a Bikini.  Organizations like NIAC don't represent the Iranian Diaspora from 1979 who are Secular Iranians.  They actually represent more of the Iranian Marxists (Hezb-Tudeh) and Iranian Islamists (Hizbullah).  They too have been Anti-Trump and only care about getting people in America, not defending the country.  They have been joined by Self Loathing Americans who hate America for everything it is.  This of course is insane to actually take these groups as real viable organizations representing us.  As an Iranian-American Muslim and a Secularist who loves America, I see very little being done to help our situation in America.  The only breath of fresh air recently has been, Zainab Zeb and Asra Nomani.  This does however make one wonder how much money and influence these orgs like CAIR and NIAC are getting from un-American sources?  

There Is No Gender Wage Gap

Excellent video talking about the false news of the 'gender wage gap'.  The reality is that Asian Men make more than the rest of America and that White Men and Women in general make exactly the same wages.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Americans Celebrate! "CNN: Trump Suspends Expedited H1B Visas"

We as Americans should celebrate that we have somebody fighting for us and getting back our six figure income jobs that have been taken away in the number of 85,000 to foreign companies who pay slave wages and undercut both American workers and the slave labor they bring over.

What is really disgusting is people like Tahmina Watson, an attorney in Seattle, and people like her that hate the American people so much that they want to take their jobs away and give them to foreigners.  One must stop and think why would somebody be happy with betraying their own country and people?  The answer is a combination of Leftist Self Loathing as well as Money.  Foreign companies pay well to keep the virtual slave labor going and suck the benefits of the constant flow of money.

We need to make sure that the number of H1B and SIMILAR VISAs are brought down to a minimum and only used when there is a tested individual that is actually more skilled.  Currently, the majority of the people coming are no more skilled than a College Graduate.  Most of them have 2-5 years of experience overseas at substandard skill levels.  People with 20-30 years experience are replaced by H1B workers at the rate of 5 to 1!


The Arab Enslavement Of Black & White People Not Taught In Schools

White and Black Slavery...#Roots #Africa #Caucasus #Georgia #Balkans "The Caliph of Baghdad had 7000 Black Eunechs and 4000 White Eunechs..."

Friday, March 3, 2017

Asra Nomani: Anti-Semitism Not by Trump Supporters

You know that allegation that Trump voters in the new hate-filled "Trump America" were behind the threats against Jewish centers? Forget those talking points.

Just as many of us predicted: liberal African Amerian, possible Muslim convert, #JuanThompson arrested in threats against Jewish organizations and centers.He had an ax to grind against an ex-girlfriend.

He voted for Bernie Sanders, worked at liberal Intercept, started by Glenn Greenwald and eBay Iranian-American owner Pierre Omidyar. Intercept fired him for his history of #fakenews on race issues.

Possible convert to Islam; he said he was "reverting," code for conversion. Intercept has harassed atheists like Sam Harris, Muslim atheists and Muslim reformers like Maajid Nawaz.

He even came after me when Sam Harris talked about the need to support Muslim reformers.

Here is the FBi complaint:

Sharia Law: Blasphemy Laws Sold as Islamophobia

A common trend among Western Islamists and Leftists is to call Sharia Law or Blasphemy Laws 'Islamophobia'.  This is counter-productive to the Advancement of American or Western Muslims.  Those Laws will actually cause Muslim on Muslim Islamophobia and Hate Crimes for breaking Sharia Law!  This trend needs to be stopped before it gets worse.  Muslims in the west who are Secular see this as a nightmare.

Rokneddin Darvish PhD.: Human Emotions and Excitements: Internal Evil in Disguise

Description: "In this second book I have tried to provide a psychological approach reflecting Rumi’s poems and ideas regarding the distinction between human positive excitements and emotions as characteristics of universal consciousness which is the source of joy, creativity and tranquility, and human negative excitements, emotions, and deficiencies as the main traits of human mental system as an internal hell and mental self as an agent of evil, a source of human pains, depression, anxiety and sufferings. Rumi’s poems and messages represent human conversion from an immature mental self with polluted and impure consciousness and distorted thought, emotions, and excitements, to the real, objective self or pure consciousness. Some recommendations are made about the methods of conversion such as patience, silence, relaxation, and acceptance of the events and incidents of this moment without any reaction, resistance and judgement. The nature of acceptance is total acceptance without fighting against the event or incident of this moment, and consciously surrendering to the universal consciousness. What Rumi tried to present to all human beings is the art of living and loving. According to Rumi, we should concentrate on our positive emotions and love and experience the unconditional love instead of conditional and selfish love. We can only really become aware of another person’s essence by falling in love with that person. If there is a real unconditional love, then, it is the universal consciousness trapped in one person’s body falling in love with itself as a consciousness in another person’s body. In this case the physical sexual attraction is only a small part of a greater spiritual attraction of consciousness in two separate bodies which is an eternal love. But when a mental self falls in love with another mental self it is not real love but only a short lived passion and sexual physical attraction. Along with love of life, Rumi emphasizes on the recognition and awareness of human being of universal consciousness which resides within us and constantly working through us and helps us to free ourselves of the dark prison of mental system by deactivating and finally dissolving our mental self or internal evil. We can escape all these pain and sufferings by being patient and unconditionally accepting our situation. All our negative emotions, excitements, pains and suffering comes from our pain addicting mental self as an internal evil and, the biased mental system with limited capacity as an internal hell. Mental self is unidimensional and works only through duality and comparing and contrasting two opposites or complementary phenomena. Mental self only concentrates on negative emotions and excitements as well as living in the psychological time of the past and becomes depressed as related to the negative events of the past and becomes anxious and worried as related to the probable events of the future. Thus, two major emotional and psychological problems of human beings relate to the mental system and mental self by emphasizing on the psychological time of the past or the present which are distorted mental concepts and do not have any real basis in reality. Escaping from the real time of the present or this moment would not let human to concentrate on the existing life of the present time and would not let be able to enjoy life to the maximum possible level."


Rokneddin Darvish PhD.: Human Consciousness, Mental System and Mental Self: Thoughts, Beliefs, Attitudes and Excitements

Description: "In this book, I tried to show the influence of consciousness on the positive side of our existence and mental system as the realm of hell, and mental self as the main source of evil. I have been inspired by the 13th Century, Persian poet and mystic, Jalalladdin Mohammad Molavi (Rumi) to write this book. I have tried to provide Rumi's ideas and presented a Psychological and sociological perspective. Rumi's poems which has been recited in Persian Language presents a message of conversion from immature mental selves to the real, objective selves or consciousness. This book also presents Rumi's recommendations about the methods of conversion through patience, silence, relaxation, and acceptance of all events and incidents, putting the main emphasis on living and enjoying the life of this moment without reaction, resistance and judgement of any kind. The nature of acceptance is total acceptance without resisting or fighting against the events or incidents of this moment and surrendering to the universal consciousness. Rumi's ideas and poems have stimulated and created a new synthesis of ideas and knowledge in my mind. What Rumi and this book tries to present to all human beings is the art of living and loving, thus, we should try to experience the unconditional love, instead of selfish and conditional love. Unconditional love comes from the universal consciousness trapped in one person's body and mental system which falls in love with itself in another person's body and mental system. Physical and sexual attraction is only a small part of a greater spiritual attraction of consciousness falling in love with itself in two separate bodies which is based on eternal love. Along with love of life, Rumi emphasizes on the recognition and awareness of human beings of universal consciousness which resides within us and constantly working through us and helps us to free ourselves from the dark and cold prison of mental system by deactivating and finally dissolving our mental self (ego). Rumi's ideas of unity and interconnectedness of all parts and particles of the universe as well as evolution of of consciousness from solids to plants, from plants to animals, and from animals to human being is highly impressing. The evolution of matters stops in human beings and the main evolution continues in human mind and mental system through the constant experience of the external world that is achieved through coordination of our physical, biological, neurological system and our major senses working together to make sense of external reality and helping the mental and spiritual maturity of each individual human being separately by jumping out of our mental system and becoming one with our origin. This has provided me with a grand theory of human essence and existence that is the source and final destination of all things through the evolution of consciousness. Another important message of Rumi is that all human pains and sufferings, negative thoughts, beliefs, excitements and emotions comes from our pain addicting mental self or ego as our internal evil operating within our mental system the center of all pains and sufferings or internal hell. Prospectus readers will find different ways to escape from their internal hell and deactivate their mental self or ego to free themselves from their negative thoughts, beliefs, excitements and emotions and experience love, joy, and productive way of living by becoming aware of their universal consciousness that resides within them."


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Islamist Coercion?: Lindsay Lohan on Converting to Islam

Unfortunately Lindsey Lohan (Who I grew up liking in so many movies) has gone through a lot of stress dealing with drug abuse etc.  She seems to be recovering, however she seems to have been exposed to many Islamists and/or Fundamentalists (Not regular Muslims who do not typically have beards/hijabs etc.)

Her exposure to these heavy duty Political Islamists seems to have fooled her well.  Many Salafists or 'Salafist-Lites" tend to fool new recruits by acting like everybody gets a long in a beautiful Islamic Utopia and create a 'Safe Space' to begin with, however after the initial honeymoon wears off, the victim realizes they have been deceived by an Arabian Death Cult of Wahabism and it's 100 billion dollars spent in the last 20 years to brainwash Western Youth, Poor, Women, etc.

Hopefully Lindsey wakes up and gets out of this downward spiral into Islamist hell (which I have been through during my youth as well).  However, that all depends on the Muslim guy she may or may not be dating as well as the coalition of friends around her to push her to convert.  She seems to have a pure intent, however she needs to be able to use Critical Thinking when dealing with Islamism.  If she chooses to be a Muslim, that is her business, however I hope that she does not join Islam due to the Islamists sugarcoated lies and deception.

Islamist-Lite: The American Muslim "Liberal Honor Squad"

Recently I ran across a very strange video posted by somebody I did not expect.  In particular, it was Trita Parsi of NIAC posting an Anti-Trump video which features Reza Aslan talking to Dean Obeidallah.  This struck me as really strange, because I know all three of them since I worked for CAIR Columbus as an Executive Director from 2009-2010.  Since then I do not support CAIR or any other CAIR like organization due to it's hidden "Islamist-Lite" agendas.  However, I did not expect Trita Parsi of NIAC along with Reza Aslan to be on the same page as CAIR's "Comedian" Dean Obeidallah.  This brings me to another point of other individuals I know who have worked for the Obama Administration in the DHS and USDS, who have been openly supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan-ul-Muslimin) and Sharia Law!  This Leftist-Islamist alliance is something the Federal Government needs to investigate and literally drain the swamp.  I don't understand why these individuals think that by destroying our traditional values that will magically make America better.  In fact, the reason why we have these freedoms and liberty is directly related to our European Christian and Freemason foundations.  Nowhere else can you have the amount of freedoms you have in America, but these characters act as if America and specifically Trump is the bad guy, while The Islamic Republic of Iran, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, and Wahabists are supposedly good?  During the Oscars you have Farhadi, and Iranian Director who most likely got threatened by the Iranian government send an Iranian-American Astronaut lady to deliver his message.  Ironically, she went to space with American built spacecrafts.  Also, Farhadi insults the intelligence of Iranian-Americans who do not want to live under Sharia or Islamist tyranny.  Overall, I find these kind of Leftist-Islamist media to be a dis-service to America and a hypocrisy.  

"MICE" & The Traitors Within - Spies Who Sold Out America

Just to remind my fellow Americans and our Enemies...we are aware of what Treason is and how people have done treason in the past, present, and will do in the future based on their "MICE".  So why do we have Honeytrap spies and/or Islamist spies? There are many suggested motives for spying that an individual may have. In general, espionage carries heavy penalties, with spies often being regarded as traitors, and so motivating factors must usually be quite large. There have been various attempts to explain why people become spies. One common theory is summed up by the acronym MICE, which stands for Money, Ideology, Compromise or Coercion (depending on source), and Ego or Extortion (depending on source).

DML: H1B Visas and the myth about shortage of tech workers

Excellent insight on the H1B Visa Scam.  This of course is something that the new administration is working to curb and limit so that Americans can get their six figure income jobs back.

STEM Crisis Myth: Robert N. Charette Responds to Readers

Good insight on the MYTH of STEM Shortage and the fact that American workers are being undercut by foreign workers who are willing to work for slave wages in comparison to what Americans (who are now unemployed) should be making.

Iben Thranholm: - European men act like women

Iben Thranholm makes very good points in regards to what makes extremist groups like ISIS want to kill us all in the west...they see Western Men (especially European) as being weak and/or like Women.  It actually entices them to conquer us even more.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mass Immigration & Terror Networks

How did Milan become a Terrorist Recruiting Hotbed?  The answer is mass immigration from Sunni-Salafist areas.  When you have immigration from conflict zones or areas rife with Sunni-Salafist Terror Networks, you are inviting the enemy in your backyard.  Extreme vetting needs to catch these kind of people who come in and intend to recruit and do their missions locally.

President Trump Full Speech to Congress 2/28/17

President Trump's message was one of "Renewed Strength" of America.  Many Americans have been feeling beaten down in regards to jobs, finances, speech, etc.  Hence having a President that supports their concerns and their pain creates a following that is not just rhetoric.  Just recently he signed 25 billion dollars to African-American Universities...something that in the previous administration was only up to 4 billion.  So many of the things he is trying to push forward and change for the better directly has an impact on the happiness of AMERICAN CITIZENS FIRST.

Andrew Breitbart Explains Cultural Marxism

Excellent explanation of "Cultural Marxism" by one of the founders of the Huffington Post and Breitbart News Namesake.  Cultural Marxism is what opened the doors to Islamists in Iran during the 70's.  It is what made the Iranian Islamist-Marxist Revolution possible.  More Americans need to learn about the Islamo-Leftist corruption that can take place, which can destroy nations.

How Marxists Hijacked Our Culture

This is a good question...Marxists hijacked our culture and allowed Islamists in.  It is identical to the way that the Iranian Revolution took place in 1979.