Americans Celebrate! "CNN: Trump Suspends Expedited H1B Visas"

We as Americans should celebrate that we have somebody fighting for us and getting back our six figure income jobs that have been taken away in the number of 85,000 to foreign companies who pay slave wages and undercut both American workers and the slave labor they bring over.

What is really disgusting is people like Tahmina Watson, an attorney in Seattle, and people like her that hate the American people so much that they want to take their jobs away and give them to foreigners.  One must stop and think why would somebody be happy with betraying their own country and people?  The answer is a combination of Leftist Self Loathing as well as Money.  Foreign companies pay well to keep the virtual slave labor going and suck the benefits of the constant flow of money.

We need to make sure that the number of H1B and SIMILAR VISAs are brought down to a minimum and only used when there is a tested individual that is actually more skilled.  Currently, the majority of the people coming are no more skilled than a College Graduate.  Most of them have 2-5 years of experience overseas at substandard skill levels.  People with 20-30 years experience are replaced by H1B workers at the rate of 5 to 1!



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