Anti-American?: CAIR, MPAC, NIAC, & Other Foreign Subversives

From seeing the consistent Anti-Americanism and Anti-Trumpism coming from Leftist organizations and especially Islamist or Foreign funded organizations with Globalist, Marxist, and/or Islamist agendas, we can obviously see that CAIR only represents Fundamentalist or Foreign Muslims, not real American Muslims who may not wear Hijab, may Drink Beer, Eat Pork or go to the beach in a Bikini.  Organizations like NIAC don't represent the Iranian Diaspora from 1979 who are Secular Iranians.  They actually represent more of the Iranian Marxists (Hezb-Tudeh) and Iranian Islamists (Hizbullah).  They too have been Anti-Trump and only care about getting people in America, not defending the country.  They have been joined by Self Loathing Americans who hate America for everything it is.  This of course is insane to actually take these groups as real viable organizations representing us.  As an Iranian-American Muslim and a Secularist who loves America, I see very little being done to help our situation in America.  The only breath of fresh air recently has been, Zainab Zeb and Asra Nomani.  This does however make one wonder how much money and influence these orgs like CAIR and NIAC are getting from un-American sources?  


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