Islamist-Lite: The American Muslim "Liberal Honor Squad"

Recently I ran across a very strange video posted by somebody I did not expect.  In particular, it was Trita Parsi of NIAC posting an Anti-Trump video which features Reza Aslan talking to Dean Obeidallah.  This struck me as really strange, because I know all three of them since I worked for CAIR Columbus as an Executive Director from 2009-2010.  Since then I do not support CAIR or any other CAIR like organization due to it's hidden "Islamist-Lite" agendas.  However, I did not expect Trita Parsi of NIAC along with Reza Aslan to be on the same page as CAIR's "Comedian" Dean Obeidallah.  This brings me to another point of other individuals I know who have worked for the Obama Administration in the DHS and USDS, who have been openly supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan-ul-Muslimin) and Sharia Law!  This Leftist-Islamist alliance is something the Federal Government needs to investigate and literally drain the swamp.  I don't understand why these individuals think that by destroying our traditional values that will magically make America better.  In fact, the reason why we have these freedoms and liberty is directly related to our European Christian and Freemason foundations.  Nowhere else can you have the amount of freedoms you have in America, but these characters act as if America and specifically Trump is the bad guy, while The Islamic Republic of Iran, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, and Wahabists are supposedly good?  During the Oscars you have Farhadi, and Iranian Director who most likely got threatened by the Iranian government send an Iranian-American Astronaut lady to deliver his message.  Ironically, she went to space with American built spacecrafts.  Also, Farhadi insults the intelligence of Iranian-Americans who do not want to live under Sharia or Islamist tyranny.  Overall, I find these kind of Leftist-Islamist media to be a dis-service to America and a hypocrisy.  


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