Islamist Coercion?: Lindsay Lohan on Converting to Islam

Unfortunately Lindsey Lohan (Who I grew up liking in so many movies) has gone through a lot of stress dealing with drug abuse etc.  She seems to be recovering, however she seems to have been exposed to many Islamists and/or Fundamentalists (Not regular Muslims who do not typically have beards/hijabs etc.)

Her exposure to these heavy duty Political Islamists seems to have fooled her well.  Many Salafists or 'Salafist-Lites" tend to fool new recruits by acting like everybody gets a long in a beautiful Islamic Utopia and create a 'Safe Space' to begin with, however after the initial honeymoon wears off, the victim realizes they have been deceived by an Arabian Death Cult of Wahabism and it's 100 billion dollars spent in the last 20 years to brainwash Western Youth, Poor, Women, etc.

Hopefully Lindsey wakes up and gets out of this downward spiral into Islamist hell (which I have been through during my youth as well).  However, that all depends on the Muslim guy she may or may not be dating as well as the coalition of friends around her to push her to convert.  She seems to have a pure intent, however she needs to be able to use Critical Thinking when dealing with Islamism.  If she chooses to be a Muslim, that is her business, however I hope that she does not join Islam due to the Islamists sugarcoated lies and deception.


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