Rokneddin Darvish PhD.: Human Emotions and Excitements: Internal Evil in Disguise

Description: "In this second book I have tried to provide a psychological approach reflecting Rumi’s poems and ideas regarding the distinction between human positive excitements and emotions as characteristics of universal consciousness which is the source of joy, creativity and tranquility, and human negative excitements, emotions, and deficiencies as the main traits of human mental system as an internal hell and mental self as an agent of evil, a source of human pains, depression, anxiety and sufferings. Rumi’s poems and messages represent human conversion from an immature mental self with polluted and impure consciousness and distorted thought, emotions, and excitements, to the real, objective self or pure consciousness. Some recommendations are made about the methods of conversion such as patience, silence, relaxation, and acceptance of the events and incidents of this moment without any reaction, resistance and judgement. The nature of acceptance is total acceptance without fighting against the event or incident of this moment, and consciously surrendering to the universal consciousness. What Rumi tried to present to all human beings is the art of living and loving. According to Rumi, we should concentrate on our positive emotions and love and experience the unconditional love instead of conditional and selfish love. We can only really become aware of another person’s essence by falling in love with that person. If there is a real unconditional love, then, it is the universal consciousness trapped in one person’s body falling in love with itself as a consciousness in another person’s body. In this case the physical sexual attraction is only a small part of a greater spiritual attraction of consciousness in two separate bodies which is an eternal love. But when a mental self falls in love with another mental self it is not real love but only a short lived passion and sexual physical attraction. Along with love of life, Rumi emphasizes on the recognition and awareness of human being of universal consciousness which resides within us and constantly working through us and helps us to free ourselves of the dark prison of mental system by deactivating and finally dissolving our mental self or internal evil. We can escape all these pain and sufferings by being patient and unconditionally accepting our situation. All our negative emotions, excitements, pains and suffering comes from our pain addicting mental self as an internal evil and, the biased mental system with limited capacity as an internal hell. Mental self is unidimensional and works only through duality and comparing and contrasting two opposites or complementary phenomena. Mental self only concentrates on negative emotions and excitements as well as living in the psychological time of the past and becomes depressed as related to the negative events of the past and becomes anxious and worried as related to the probable events of the future. Thus, two major emotional and psychological problems of human beings relate to the mental system and mental self by emphasizing on the psychological time of the past or the present which are distorted mental concepts and do not have any real basis in reality. Escaping from the real time of the present or this moment would not let human to concentrate on the existing life of the present time and would not let be able to enjoy life to the maximum possible level."



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