Rokneddin Darvish PhD.: Human Consciousness, Mental System and Mental Self: Thoughts, Beliefs, Attitudes and Excitements

Description: "In this book, I tried to show the influence of consciousness on the positive side of our existence and mental system as the realm of hell, and mental self as the main source of evil. I have been inspired by the 13th Century, Persian poet and mystic, Jalalladdin Mohammad Molavi (Rumi) to write this book. I have tried to provide Rumi's ideas and presented a Psychological and sociological perspective. Rumi's poems which has been recited in Persian Language presents a message of conversion from immature mental selves to the real, objective selves or consciousness. This book also presents Rumi's recommendations about the methods of conversion through patience, silence, relaxation, and acceptance of all events and incidents, putting the main emphasis on living and enjoying the life of this moment without reaction, resistance and judgement of any kind. The nature of acceptance is total acceptance without resisting or fighting against the events or incidents of this moment and surrendering to the universal consciousness. Rumi's ideas and poems have stimulated and created a new synthesis of ideas and knowledge in my mind. What Rumi and this book tries to present to all human beings is the art of living and loving, thus, we should try to experience the unconditional love, instead of selfish and conditional love. Unconditional love comes from the universal consciousness trapped in one person's body and mental system which falls in love with itself in another person's body and mental system. Physical and sexual attraction is only a small part of a greater spiritual attraction of consciousness falling in love with itself in two separate bodies which is based on eternal love. Along with love of life, Rumi emphasizes on the recognition and awareness of human beings of universal consciousness which resides within us and constantly working through us and helps us to free ourselves from the dark and cold prison of mental system by deactivating and finally dissolving our mental self (ego). Rumi's ideas of unity and interconnectedness of all parts and particles of the universe as well as evolution of of consciousness from solids to plants, from plants to animals, and from animals to human being is highly impressing. The evolution of matters stops in human beings and the main evolution continues in human mind and mental system through the constant experience of the external world that is achieved through coordination of our physical, biological, neurological system and our major senses working together to make sense of external reality and helping the mental and spiritual maturity of each individual human being separately by jumping out of our mental system and becoming one with our origin. This has provided me with a grand theory of human essence and existence that is the source and final destination of all things through the evolution of consciousness. Another important message of Rumi is that all human pains and sufferings, negative thoughts, beliefs, excitements and emotions comes from our pain addicting mental self or ego as our internal evil operating within our mental system the center of all pains and sufferings or internal hell. Prospectus readers will find different ways to escape from their internal hell and deactivate their mental self or ego to free themselves from their negative thoughts, beliefs, excitements and emotions and experience love, joy, and productive way of living by becoming aware of their universal consciousness that resides within them."



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