H1B Visa & Interview Scams: New Rules

The number of calls I get from Corporate Headhunters is starting to skyrocket due to the new rules setup by the Trump Administration.  Finally America is waking up to the rampant scams and abuses by overseas companies in giving away American jobs that American STEM professionals are MORE THAN QUALIFIED for.

I was told today that one of the major companies in America had 4 cases of "Interview Scams" where an "Einstein" goes to the interview, however a junior level 'noob' shows up to the job.  This is just part of the scams that are rampant.  The other scams are the ones that bring in H1B Visa holders to do jobs that Americans already can do because we already have a plethora of STEM professionals with education, experience and an excellent grasp of the English language.

The best news is that due to the scams that have been happening, this American company has banned 4 overseas vendors and has reduced it's number of preferred vendors to 5!  Of those 5 vendors at least 1 I know about is a local American vendor who is now only hiring Americans and Green Card holders for positions going forward.  Let's celebrate!


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