Syria Airstrip Attack Helps Saudi Sponsored Wahabists of ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, Al-Qaeda, etc.

The airstrikes on the Syrian Airstrip actually helps the Wahabists of the evil Islamic State.  We know that there was a US Airstrike on ISIS Chemical plants before, however before we hit them under the Obama Administration, they most likely stockpiled them.  That ISIS stockpile is what was most likely hit by the Syrian Airforce.  The Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabist agents in America seem to have created a lot of false intelligence so that Trump is forced to do airstrikes, eventhough it is against our own interests.

You have to stop and ask yourself, why would organizations like CAIR and people who support it, who are Islamists support Trump in attacking Assad?  That is a very important question to ask, because if Assad is removed in Syria, that will help any number of Wahabist forces to take over.

Unfortunately in this situation we are being fooled by Saudi money and influence both here in America and abroad.  In reality we should look to becoming closer with Russia, which is a Capitalist Christian country.  By being closer with Russia, we can persuade Iran and China to put away Islamism and Communism.

However, with the current advance of following the Islamist game plan on Assad, we have a lot to lose.  The worst thing that happens is the false increase in the price of oil that happened today, which again benefits Saudi Arabia, Iran, and OPEC in general.  We the American public lose because we have to pay more for gasoline.


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