The Arab/Muslim Slave Trade for 1400+ Years, columbus, ohio

Not many people know that Muslims were far worse as slave traders than Christian Europeans ever were.  In fact, Muslims keep that very quiet - although to be fair, like Christians, few seem to have much knowledge of their history.

Today Muslims are taught that America was the beneficiary of the slave trade by Europeans who took black slaves to America.  In Africa, this is one of the big reasons that America is hated.  But the Muslims were a much bigger slave trader both before and after the American slave trade period.

In July 11, 2009, President Obama visited a former slave-trading fort in Ghana and rightly condemned this dark chapter in human history rightly as a "great evil", adding "As African-Americans, there is a special sense that… this place was a place of profound sadness…"

Obama also pointed to a church, standing next to slave-dungeons, to underline the idea that it was European Christians, with sanctions from the church, who engaged in black slavery.

But popular understanding conveniently ignores:

Black slavery was not the only slavery in history. The Arabs, Turks, Indians and even millions of Europeans were also reduced to slavery during the same period and before, with added dimensions of sex-slavery and castration. And the perpetrators were Muslims, not Europeans.
Black slaves were not shipped to the New World alone; a greater number were sent to the Islamic world.
Even in trans-Atlantic slave-trade, Muslims were complicit and played the cruelest role
Muhammad himself, armed with Qu'ran sanctions (Qu'ran 16:76, 30:28, 16:71, 70:29-30, 23:5-6, 33:50 etc.), initiated Islamic slavery by enslaving the women and children of a number of Arabian tribes (Quraiza, Khaybar, Mustaliq and Hawazin etc.). Later, as Islamic power grew, slavery witnessed a tremendous burst on the world stage. Everywhere Muslims won victory, the women and children of the vanquished were enslaved in massive numbers: General Musa enslaved 300,000 in his conquest of North Africa in 698 and returned from his conquest of Spain in 715 with the Caliph's one-fifth share of the booty that included 30,000 white virgins from the Visigothic nobility alone, while Sultan Mahmud returned from his invasion of India in 1001-02 CE with 500,000 enslaved women and children. This is only a tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, even in the European slave-trade in Africa, it was Muslims - the well-established masters of slave-hunting, breeding and trading for many centuries - who supplied over 80% of the slaves to European traders, the latter mainly purchased and transported them. The European slave-trade only offered a stimulus and played a lucrative partner for Muslims to a long-established Islamic vocation in Africa.

Later, when England banned slavery, the English navy rescued blacks from Muslim Slave-trading ships.

Yet, this is only half the truth. There was another African slave-journey-lasting longer and larger in magnitude-that began with the Arab Muslim invasion of Africa in the 7-8th century. And it has left behind no residue whatsoever, an extermination of human species of huge magnitude-thanks to universal castration of black male-slaves destined for Islamic markets.

The inhumanity of Islamic castration of immense number of African men wasn't the robbing of their most natural identity and endowment, i.e. their manhood, alone, but mortality in castration was about 75 percent. Overall mortality-rate of black slaves headed to the Islamic world, from procurement to reaching the destination, was as high as 90%, but their mortality in transportation by Europeans to the New World was about 10 percent.
Obama's condemnation of European-Christian slavery, a horror chapter in history, is laudable, but his exclusion of Islam, the crueler partner in the same crime, is not. It does gross injustice to those unfortunate souls that suffered from this tragic Islamic scourge. And those souls also include millions of Christian Europeans, his sole target of condemnation.

In fact, some Islamic countries (Mauritania, Saudi Arabia & Sudan) have continued practising slavery to this days, while Sudan has intensified it in recent decades, thanks to lack of criticism of Muslim engagement in slavery, whether historical or present. Some 600,000 souls in Mauritania remain shackled in continued slavery with no hope for liberation in sight, while tens of thousands of Christians, Animists and even Muslims have been kidnapped and reduced to slavery in Sudan since Islamists came to power in 1985.

For more detail see the full article here.

If you did not know it already, Islam is a brutal, inhuman, barbaric religion.   Some Muslims are realising this and writing articles about their barbaric history.  This supports my personal belief that people are inherently good - it's just religion that destroys goodness in many cases.

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