The Pedigree of The Noble House of Darvish

The oldest ancestor my family has on record is 'Agha Jan Beg'. "Beg" is a Turkish title that with synonyms such as 'Bey", "Khan", "Emir" or "Lord" are Noble or Aristocratic titles that are given to individuals and families by Kings (Kings, Shahs, Sultans, and Caliphs). However, this title is common with Georgian Ghulams (Christian Military Slaves force converted to Islam by Iranians, Turks, and Arabs). I have done the "" DNA test which has the oldest attributed Surname as "Kitiashvilli" and "Tabidze". However, I am also doing a "" test to get a second opinion on our heritage. Once we have this confirmed information, it will be more accurate for the book that my Father is publishing on the History of the "Noble House of Darvish".


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