IRAN IS RIPE FOR A REVOLUTION: HNG Lord Babak Darvish (Babak Khan) Discussing The Iranian Rebel Alliance on "BBC Outside Source" - Friday, January 5th, 2018 @ 15:00 GMT


The Past...

After The Iranian Revolution of 1979, The new religious and theocratic Government put all the emphasis on Islam and declared that those who consider themselves Nationalists are traitors to Islam (The Same way that Islamists say that there is Death for Murtad/Apostates). Following this ideology, The Islamist government tried to eliminate any group, party or individuals who was considered a threat to Islamic Government.

It is important to know that those who were involved in the revolution were from all strata of Iranian society including the Nationalists, workers, teachers, business groups, communists, religious fanatics, etc. However, the combined communists and religious members which at the time of the revolution they were called "Marxist Islamists" including members of Tudeh party, a confederation of communists, Mujahidin Khalgh were the most organized and they thought if they overthrow the Shah and created an Islamic Republic, it would be easy to eliminate a bunch of Clerics. This was a huge miscalculation. Because, the Islamic republic government began to create Basij groups, Sepah Pasdaran, Hezbollah, and in addition train almost half a million clerics to use them against the Iranian people at any point in time.

As soon as the Islamic Republic of Iran was established, the authorities began to execute top military generals, powerful civilians who were rich by calling them Taqhuti. In fact a representative of Ayatollah Khomeini came to my grandfather, HNG Lord Jaffar Khan Darvish in Vanush and gave him a list of 5000 people and asked him to eliminate those people. The list included all the rich, powerful and influential members of the major families in Mazandaran. 

My grandfather told the representative of the government that he could not go around and kill his people and that as a commander of The Nationalist Resistance Freedom Fighters (NRFF) he and his groups were trained to resist against our northern enemy of the time, The Soviet Union (Russians) and that we would fight the Communist Russians if they try to invade Mazandaran, but we could not kill our own brothers. 

The representative of Islamic Government, then, told my grandfather, that “Mr. Jaffar Khan” you have two choices. Either you are with us or against us. Decide fast, we will get back with you later. By the way the Representative of the Government brought a big truck loaded with arms and ammunitions as well as a very large suitcase full of money to give to my grandfather which he did not accept.

My father and all uncles were present in that setting and witnessed the incident. My father told my grandfather that The Islamic Government would not leave you alone from this point in time to your rejection of their offers of killing people they wished to get rid of according to the list they presented. My father also told my grandfather and uncles that from now on, The Islamic Republic of Iran would do anything in their power, to harass you, arrest you or imprison you so be careful not to give them any excuses.

This visit by the representative of the Islamic Republic occurred during 1980.
It was during 1981, that Iranian Government arrested my two uncles Shjoja Khan and Esfandiar Khan and later they arrested my grandfather Jaffar Khan. 

They tortured and killed my younger uncle Shoja Khan and the nature of the torture was in a way that they did not want my grand-father and grand-mother see my uncle’s body. They buried him in the grave and only provided the grave number to my grand-parents. After torturing my grandfather and older uncle Esfandiar for almost six years, they released them from the political prison almost half dead.

In general my family were not the only victims of Islamic Republic of Iran. They imprisoned thousands of innocent young and old people of Iran, tortured them and executed them without any major trial. They raped many young men and women in political prisons and there are thousands of witnesses who could attest to these criminal evil activities.

The Present Time...2018

Iran is ripe to explode as we are reaching to the climax and the boiling point of Iranian society. Sociology as a science tells us that when society reaches to is boiling point and people are completely frustrated and angry as related to unemployment, poverty, hunger, injustice, lack of morality among government officials, hypocrisy, pretense, false promises, and government officials stealing money from people and their natural resources and taking the money for themselves or spending it for many foreign countries who are enemy of the Iranian people by justifying it that we are all Muslims.

Communist and Muslim extremists became united due to common values they have such as: No borders, socialism, considering nationalism as something very evil, not paying attention to the Iranian Civilization, history, culture, monarchies, etc.

At this point people of Iran who have suffered for almost forty years under the dictatorship of a theocratic government without getting their political, social, economic and even simple human right and are all poor and hungry, not able to buy a house or even rent a an apartment or pay for their utilities and more than anything else they are not able to support their families and can’t even afford their food, reached to a boiling point that they do not care about their life and do not have anything to loose except the chains that are around their hands and legs.

Bottom line: Iran is ready for a new democratic revolution but a nationalistic one.


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