Thursday, March 1, 2018

CAIR Infiltration of Government & Law Enforcement Offices

Recently I have seen at least two attempts by our Local CAIR Columbus Chapter to infiltrate our local Sheriff's Office, this of course is not unique to Columbus, Ohio, however it is important to point out that it is happening locally here as well as other cities and states across America.  

If you are an American Patriot and you care about the USA.  Then listen up, because the Islamo-Leftists are trying to influence everything from the clothes you wear, the food you eat, to your local Police and Legislature.  However, the goal for real Americans is to resist what has turned cities in Europe into Islamist "No-Go Zones".  As a child I remember in post revolutionary Iran how Hezbollah thugs (similar to NIAC or CAIR in America) would bother your women by calling them 'whores' for not wearing Hijabs or if you did not have marriage papers for holding your girlfriend or wife's hand.  So, this is why I am passionate about keeping America SHARIA FREE.  The question is that how do we keep America Sharia Free?  First of all, do not allow CAIR, NIAC, ISNA, MPAC, and a plethora of Islamist-Lite organizations to influence your local law enforcement, legislature, or schools...which they are actively doing 'unapoligetically'.

This brings me to our current situation...CAIR, NIAC, MPAC, ISNA, and other similar organizations should never be considered 'allies' of Law Enforcement, when CAIR for example openly tells Muslims not to engage the FBI or say anything to them and to first seek out thier 'Legal Council'.  Why does CAIR discourage Muslims (who are innoccent) to refrain from talking to the FBI or Law Enforcement?  Would that not in itself be suspect?  Regardless, LE agencies in general should not be allowing such organizations to infiltrate, influence, and manipulate them...if we want to live in a free society.  

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