Thursday, March 1, 2018

No Compromise: Second Amendment & Gun Laws

Everytime there is a school shooting or any sort of crime that involves a gun, the Lefist, Islamist, and RINO media attacks our Constitution.  The main question is Why?  Especially considering that there are many things in our country that kill a heap of a lot more than Guns.  For example, Pot, Cars, and Falling kill more than Guns!  So, again the question is why do 'they' attack guns?  The answer has to do with a direct attack on our Freedoms and Constitution by the trio of  Leftist RINO's, Democrats, and Islamists.  Seeing this happen in  America gives me flashbacks of Iran circa 1979.  It makes you wonder why this great country is going down the path of Iran?  Well, again the answer lies in Cultural Marxism, Globalism, and Islamism who have teamed up to attack the United States of America.  These people who push for these new gun laws and infringement of our constitution and freedoms are enemies of the American people and nation.  The first who need to be concerned are Americans and our government.  We can not give these enemies an inch, because I can guarantee you they will take more than a mile. 

When I was a 6 year old in post Revolutionary Iran visiting family...I wondering why we did not have guns to fight the Islamist regime?  It is because the Islamists and Communists already kept us disarmed as did the previous Monarchy.  The Leftists and Islamists supported disarming of Iranians and actually agreed with the Shah on this topic...the same way Islamists and Marxists in America agree with RINO's.  However, the end result was a nation of sheep to the slaughter after 1979 when th Islamists and Marxists took over.  Ironically, after they did take over, the Lefists/Marxsits were persecuted by the Islamist regime.  That is why it is hillarious and sad to watch Linda Sarsour or Dean Obeidallah (both CAIR golden childs) attack our Constitution and Gun Rights.  You will notice that organizations like CAIR and thier allies will attack our Second Amendment, however behind the scenes...they are doing CCW and Gun Rights sessions for Mosques and CAIR members.  I can guarantee you that CAIR members are armed and have they preach taking away guns from American Christians. 

Disarming the American Christians of America is the number one goal of any of these Marxist and Islamist groups in America.  Hamas front groups like CAIR or Hezbollah front groups like NIAC both preach the same anti-gun they are all armed in thier personal lives.  Do you see the Hypocrisy yet?  If you don't believe me, go research your local Mosque or CAIR office and see if thier members do not have a CCW. 

The Islamo-Leftist Alliance against the Free Peoples of America is a real thing and unless Americans rise up and take thier rights back, they will lose them like the Europeans  Never surrender to CAIR, NIAC, or any other Marxist or RINO groups trying to compromise and remove your rights.  Support your local Law Enforcement and your Republican Party that supports President Trump, because at this time they are your real friends as are the Freedom Loving American people.  

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