Saturday, September 8, 2018

Iranic Alan Sarmatian Christian History & The Darvish Family Y-DNA

So here is some more history I have found on Iranic #Alan Sarmatian history (#Darvish Y-DNA J1-FGC6024):
"The Alans converted to Byzantine Orthodoxy in the first quarter of the 10th century, during the patriarchate of Nicholas I Mystikos. Al-Mas'udi reports that they apostasized in 932, but this seems to have been short-lived. The Alans are collectively mentioned as Byzantine-rite Christians in the 13th century. The Caucasian Alans were the ancestors of the modern Ossetians, whose ethnonym derives from the name Ās (very probably the ancient Aorsi; al-Ma'sudi mentions al-Arsiyya as guards among the Khazars, and the Rus' called the Alans Yasi), a sister tribe of the Alans. The Armenian Geography uses the name Ashtigor for the most westerly located Alans, a name which survives as Digor and still refers to the western division of the Ossetians. Furthermore, in Ossetian, Asi refers to the region around Mount Elbrus, where they probably formerly lived."
So how did we...Caucasian Iranian Speaking Orthodox Christians from Eastern Europe and West Asia become Muslims? Jihad and Slavery (Slave Soldiers) makes perfect

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