Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Survival: Real Feminism Has Failed Against Darwinism

It is very unfortunate that real Feminism has failed against Darwinism due to Survival.  We see real cases even on the BBC where Women have to sexually submit to old Men for rent in the Western World...'Sex for Rent' as it is called apparently.  So, while real feminism has failed, fake feminism and the Islamism of people like Linda Sarsour have been successful in spreading Cultural Marxism and Islamization.  However, this Islamism and Fake Feminism has not done anything positive to improve the situation of Women.  In fact, it has actually created a smoke screen.  While the Gender Pay Gap is not a real thing, this Sex for Rent is a real thing.  Instead of trying to destroy America or the Western World, people like Linda Sarsour and other Leftist Feminists should be paying attention to the real Darwinian issues in society.  The Laws of Nature and Survival do not care about Fake Feminism. 

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