Friday, July 5, 2019

Foreign Agents Operating in America: CAIR, NIAC, etc.

Why are organizations and individuals that represent foreign agents allowed to operate on US Soil?  For most people that are familiar with CAIR or NIAC (among others), they instantly recognize the Hamas and Islamic Republic Money, Ideology, Compromise and Ego or Extortion (MICE).

During the Obama Administration, the Holy Land Foundation trial was shut down and CAIR only designated as an Un-indicted Co-Conspirator in the HLF case.  However, that does not mean they were not guilty of sending money and laundering it to thier friends at Hamas and the Palestinian Intifada.  

This is why it is of utmost significance to uproot Hamas in America along with every organization affiliated with it. Which brings us to the story of President Trump The Great of America wanting to designate, the already designated globally as a terror organization, the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) as a Terrorist Organization.  The Ikhwan actually works with Hamas and Hezbullah (Iran) in order to attack Western targets through various means.  One of the biggest pushes they have lately is getting as many Ikhwani allied politicians into the US Government as well as various Agencies and Corporations.  CAIR is pushing to have 5000 new Islamists elected to Government posts. 

As soon as the Ikhwan aka Muslim Brotherhood is designated as a Terrorist Organization, loved by Muhammad Elibiary that helped establish the Irving, Texas Sharia Court aka "Mediation Council" and the stooge 'Ayman' who on his youtube video tried to show it off as a normal mediation establishment, will actually help the US Government and Law Enforcement to shut down CAIR, NIAC, and other foreign agent organizations.  These organizations need to register as foreign agents in America, however they don't.  They are helped by thier allies in the DNC, such as Dennis Kucinich here locally that was praying with CAIR affiliates at the local Persian Kabab joint called Jeddo Kabab.  The irony is that Jeddo Kabab's owner is not an Islamist and is the diametric opposite of an Islamist. 

Regardless, Trump needs to make sure these organizations are shut down and thier subversive influence erased from America before we become the Islamic Republic of America. 

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